The human being is a strange species. A creature that has been around for a few million years and since the beginning has been trying to find its way through evolution by its intelligence. Being smart helped us overcome many difficulties, and being selfish made it easier for us to destroy everything to be more dominant. Although we call ourselves the most intelligent species on earth, yet it takes us a few years to learn to walk and interact with other human beings.

Speaking of being social, we don’t know how to interact with other human beings even when we are grown up. We hate most of them, and when we see a familiar face on the street, we do our best to avoid eye contact. Another paradox of being social is that half of our population are introverts; they are quiet, reserved, and they are in their best shape when they are alone. We start wars because we don’t know how to solve our problems by talking, yet we call ourselves social animals.

Despite our irrationality, we love to judge others, and most of the time, we are wrong. The problem with our judgment is that we use the stupidest way to judge others; by their shape, color, race, religion, and labeling them in general. Being human is the last thing we consider when we want to judge others.

We sacrifice certainty for uncertainty. We sacrifice our real assets - time, health, relationships - in order to achieve our next goal, which somehow, we convinced ourselves that it’s going to bring real happiness in our lives.

We lie, even though we pretend that we hate lying. We all claim that we value honesty, but we get pissed if someone would be honest with us. That’s why we invented sweet lies because evolution has taught us that 100% honesty has never been the best strategy when dealing with people. We even lie to ourselves, and we are good at it.

We love making the same mistakes over and over again because we are afraid of change. We invented excuses to blame others or the situation for our mistakes. We even invented God to blame him for our own mistakes, laziness, and stupidity. We know that being in a toxic relationship results in sadness, depression, and anxiety, yet we afraid to leave it and start a new one. We know that our job is messing with our mental health, yet we are so scared to quit. We know doing the same thing will give us the same result, yet we don’t want to change it because we are afraid of the unknown outcome.

We are small species in one of the loneliest galaxies in the universe, yet we expect the world to spin around us. We expect everything and everyone to be the way we want them to be, and almost every time, these expectations lead us to disappointment.

Everything has a price in our world, and almost always, this price can be paid by money. Money is a piece of paper with value, but no one knows where this value comes from. Everyone is working to earn enough money to have a happy life, yet no one knows how much money we need to buy happiness.

We are the biggest consumers on Earth. We consume everything. We even consume our planet, our own home, in order to live a little longer or, by the current standards, have a slightly better life. We cut trees to make paper, to write on them that we should not cut the trees. But when it comes to producing, most of us only produce shit and CO2.

We are lost in a world that doesn’t make sense. We are misinformed in the age of information, we are the loneliest in the age of social media, and our everyday life is a battle between logic and emotion. We are looking for an answer that gives us a reason for living. And we try everything one after another to make our life more meaningful. But when we achieve everything, all of them eventually start to fade away, and we will find ourselves lost again. This tiering search for meaningfulness and happiness consumes us until we realize that true happiness does not exist. Everyone is searching for happiness, yet no one knows what it looks like.